3 steps to maximize the ROI of your campaigns

2015 was the year for Mobile Ad Spending growth.
In 2016, it is time to spend every $ wisely ;)

1. Find quality partners

– Test different partners with a small budgetpaper-dolls-14611_960_720
Negotiate all the important terms of the campaign: the goal is to know exactly what you are paying for
– Make sure your partner works with direct publishers: if there are middlemen between your partner and the publishers, it means you can’t for instance know for sure that your traffic is non-incent
– Don’t be afraid to optimize the ad networks by sub sources rather than globally

2. Golden Rule: implement post-install events


Post-install event optimization is a very powerful tool. It allows you to get only the high quality traffic you are looking for.


The way it works is simple:

– Agree on the KPI goal with your ad network: Day 1 retention and in-app purchases are the most common ones
– You create the event postback on your side: most of the tracking solutions on the market propose that functionality
– The ad network will pause automatically all the sources that don’t match your KPI goal (example: 20% of paying users)

3. Go deeper!

– Apply a higher CPI to the highest quality publishers, so you’ll get more traffic from them
– Check out my previous articles to improve the quality of your ads and avoid creatives mistakes
– Don’t forget to make video ads of different lengths and compare the results
Let’s get ready for the 2016 challenges!