How to make a great video ad for your game?

At AdBuddiz, we have watched MANY videos from our awesome advertisers.

We’d like to share with you the a few tips to ensure the maximum conversion rate for videos:

The Basics

  • Make different lengths from 15 to 30 seconds. From our experience, 15-second videos are the best performers!pexels-photo
  • Make sure to have specific versions for Android and iOS. First, it does improve the conversion rate (because the user can better relate to it). Second, Apple will ban apps that display ads with a Google Playstore logo.
  • Less is more: Don’t add too much texts and details. Keep in mind that a smartphone screen is very small and the user needs to understand easily what the game is about.
  • End your video. This is the key to get a good conversion rate: show the name of the app, and where it is available (which OS, device).

Attract Attention Within The First Few Seconds

Most advertising solutions offer the possibility for the user to exit the video before the end. As a result, we don’t recommend to display the publisher logo at video launch. It is likely that the user will simply click on the exit button to come back to his game!

See the video as a good trailer: show immediately a great scene, then give some information on the app and where the user can find it.

Show The Gameplay

Capture d’écran 2016-01-29 à 17.48.06Show what it will be like to use your app so the user knows what to expect. It should look easy and fun, and use your best graphics in high definition!

Looking for an example? Let’s check out King’s latest video for Jelly Saga.

We can divide the King video into 3 parts:

  1. Catchy video launch: the game’s goal is clearly stated. It lasts less than 2 seconds.
  2. Cool Gameplay description: it’s colourful, you get to the next level in no time, and winning is rewarding.
  3. Closing: OS logos and “free to play” mention. (As this video was posted on Youtube, it makes sense to have the store logos all-together. However, make sure to have one version only with the Appstore logo if you want to promote your game within iOS apps)

3 steps to maximize the ROI of your campaigns

2015 was the year for Mobile Ad Spending growth.
In 2016, it is time to spend every $ wisely ;)

1. Find quality partners

– Test different partners with a small budgetpaper-dolls-14611_960_720
Negotiate all the important terms of the campaign: the goal is to know exactly what you are paying for
– Make sure your partner works with direct publishers: if there are middlemen between your partner and the publishers, it means you can’t for instance know for sure that your traffic is non-incent
– Don’t be afraid to optimize the ad networks by sub sources rather than globally

2. Golden Rule: implement post-install events


Post-install event optimization is a very powerful tool. It allows you to get only the high quality traffic you are looking for.


The way it works is simple:

– Agree on the KPI goal with your ad network: Day 1 retention and in-app purchases are the most common ones
– You create the event postback on your side: most of the tracking solutions on the market propose that functionality
– The ad network will pause automatically all the sources that don’t match your KPI goal (example: 20% of paying users)

3. Go deeper!

– Apply a higher CPI to the highest quality publishers, so you’ll get more traffic from them
– Check out my previous articles to improve the quality of your ads and avoid creatives mistakes
– Don’t forget to make video ads of different lengths and compare the results
Let’s get ready for the 2016 challenges!

The advertiser’s check-list when starting a new campaign

Launching a new campaign is very exciting, but in the heat of the moment you may forget some important steps.

Here is my check-list to help you stay on track:

Tickbox Agree on the campaign’s details with your ad network

You must discuss the following:

– targeting: geos, CPI, OS version, device800px-Teacher-writing-on-blackboard564
– total budget & daily cap (useful for soft launches)
– running dates
– delay to apply pause notifications
– financial details: mainly payment terms

Tickbox Prepare the creatives

At this point it is not essential to make many sets of creatives, however I encourage you to provide localized versions of the same creative. Feel free to ask for advice from your Campaign Manager.

Tickbox Test the tracking links

superhero-296963_960_720It is best to use one of the market’s existing tracking solutions. We are integrated with most of them (Tune, Appsflyer, Adjust, Kochava…). You can also use a Server2Server integration.

Don’t forget to ask your Campaign Manager to make a test install. This is important in order to make sure both sides are receiving the installs correctly, and to avoid any issues at the end of the month.

Tickbox Make sure you receive the sub publisher id

You will be able to see the performance per publisher and push the campaign where it performs best. At AdBuddiz, we are able to send this data easily: we add it to the tracking link.

Tickbox Get the reports

Request a dashboard access from us, so that you can monitor your daily installs and spendings.

Once you have done all this, you are ready to go ;-)

5 factors that influence the conversion rate of your campaign

When  launching a CPI (Cost per Install) campaign, you need to keep in mind that your volume depends on 2 parameters.
The first one is your CPI. The second is the conversion rate from ad impressions into installs.

It means that with the same CPI, you can have more volume if you improve your conversion rate.

Here are 5 factors that can help you maximize your conversion rate:

1) App rating


If your app rating is lower than 3.5 stars, this might lead to a lower conversion rate. Here is a simple way to improve your App rating:

Ask your users within the app if they like your app or not.
If they click on “yes”, encourage them to leave a rating on the store.
If they click on “no”, redirect them to a form where they can explain why.

By proposing only your happy users to leave a rating, you’ll improve your global rating.

2) Weight of the app

We encourage you to keep your app light (preferably less than 40Mo).
When a user attempts to download a heavy app, he usually gets a warning message. This can be a deal breaker for many users, as only the ones connected to Wifi might want to give it a try.

3) Ad creatives

It is very important to show what the app really is about
(read my article here on the top creatives mistakes).

From my experience, strategy games campaigns convert much better when showing an action scene on the ad.

Don’t forget the “call-to-action” button (like “Download now” for instance.)

4) App icon/Store screenshots

A user must understand in a glimpse what your app is about through the app icon and the screenshots.

Suggestion: take the best screenshots (an action scene), add a clear sentence and, why not a couple of features?

Need more inspiration? Here are some of the top apps on the Google Play Store:

  1. Clash of Clans: use of video, powerful sentences and highlighted characters
  2. Uber: main features are explained above screenshots


5) Store description

Did you translate your description into other languages? You might want to find a native speaker to review it!

My top 4 tips to improve the quality of your campaign

Don’t know how to get your campaign to the next level ?
Here are 4 easy steps you can start with.

1. Make sure the traffic is 100% non-incent and direct

You will only get users who want to use your app. Here at AdBuddiz, we guarantee that our traffic serves only non-incentivized ads.

This way, you are sure that the users who install your app have a true interest for it and are not getting rewarded with in-app currency in exchange for the installation.

In addition, the traffic you’ll get is coming only from direct app developers who integrated our SDK:

puzzle-1020413_960_720– You can be sure of the quality of the traffic (if the ad network you are working with is doing media buying, you are probably going to have no visibility on where you are getting your traffic from)

– You can optimize the campaigns according to each publisher’s performance

2. Diversify your geos

One of our best examples is probably a campaign for a War/Strategy game that is now in the top ranks worldwide. At that time, the advertiser was struggling to get more volume.

10012162166_6e611105c5_oWe advised him to try less competitive geos with the possibility to get high volume for a lower CPI. Quickly the campaign was extended to 20+ more geos with a various range of CPIs.


Even though the users ARPU in these countries were lower than in the Tier 1 countries, the game still managed to find a lot of ROI positive users.

3. Localize

After running a specific campaign for months with the english creatives produced by the advertiser, we received new creatives in the following languages : French, German, Spanish, Portuguese and Russian.

Language_learningThe volumes increased by 15% in France and Germany. In Spain, we observed a 20% increase. The highest performance was in Brazil and Russia, where we generated over 30% more installs.

4. Review your creativesandroid

You may consider working on your creatives in order to optimize your campaign. If you haven’t already, check my last article on the top 3 creatives mistakes advertisers make.

Top 3 creatives mistakes advertisers make

Today, I would like to share with you some of the common mistakes I have seen throughout my experience as a Campaign Manager.

1. Not inviting to download

When a user sees the ad, it will take him less than 2 seconds to figure out whether he is going to click or not. Forgetting the Call-to-Action button can be damageable.
Just pick a phrase easy to catch and use it !

These examples go straight to the point :person-woman-apple-iphone-large

« Download now »
« Install for free »
« Play today »


Don’t forget to add the Play Store / itunes logo !

2. Forgetting the tagline

People need to understand immediately what your app is about : what category and why they need to download it.

Here are few examples:gray-sale-label-142521329417p

« Best MMORPG game of the year ! »
« Match the candies and get rewards ! »
« Find more than 100+ travel ideas »

3. Poor design and image definition

Here are the most common mistakes I have seen :

– Using a screenshot of the app : usually unappealing, unclear. If a screenshot is relevant (an action scene from a war game), you might need to work a little on it.

– Irrelevant ad format : At AdBuddiz, we focus on interstitials because they generate higher revenues. Therefore, your ad should be able to fit a smartphone / tablet screen.

– Low definition ad : one way to know if your ad quality is ok ? Visualize it in full screen mode on your computer.

My last piece of advice ?
Don’t be afraid to hire a designer to make sure your ad has the highest chance to be clicked on. Choose the ad format with the best performance (interstitials) and make sure your ad is going to look as professional as your company.